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Shaking a bit, I stepped out to the hall. Heather's threat stuck with me, shaking me to the core as a hand grabbed my shoulder and snapped me back to reality.

"Hey Foxy, what's taking so long? We'll be late for the next class thing," Phil asked, having waited for me out in the hallway. "Hey, you okay? You look pale"

I shook my head. "Ye I'm fine, just..." I contemplated telling him what I saw and what Heather said, yet I thought best to heed her advice for now, "...stood up too fast. Head rush, ya know? And I told you to stop calling me Foxy." The two of us caught up with the rest of the class and found somewhere to sit.

Standing at the front of the class was Casey. She did say she would be teaching us some things so I wasn't too surprised to see her. She wasn't wearing her robe anymore, instead dressed in what I'm guessing were her normal clothes. She had a dark blue jacket over a dull, reddish shirt and denim shorts.

"Hello everyone. My name is Casey Lewis, but just call me Casey. Today I'll be teaching you all about basic magic. However, before I get started, there are a few things I would like to cover."

"Magic has many laws and rules, like the laws of physics, ones which can't be broken; these are laws such as bringing back the dead, travelling through time and, presently, increasing one's intelligence without any ill effects. That said, people once thought that the law of gravity could not be broken..." As she spoke, her desk began to float into the air a few feet as her hand glowed softly, before it returned to the floor, "... or that nothing could move faster than light." She then vanished from the front of the class room. Everyone looked around in confusion before seeing her in the back. Everyone turned in amazement as Casey let out a small chuckle, seemingly finding amusement in our reactions.

"Magic has conquered those laws, and technology continues to advance at a greater rate than Magic ever did. Together, there are no laws or rules that one cannot break. However, there are ones that one should not break." There was a slight pause as Casey walked back to the front of the class and turned to look back at us, smiling.

"Now then, everyone has a type of magic within them. Normally, they are in the forms of an element, and even then there are different areas that that element might be best used. For example, some forms of magic are best suited towards creativity or manipulation." She quickly perked up mid-conversation, "Also, I should point out that some people may have more than just one type of element within them or none at all," before returning to her original discussion. "Most people believe that it's impossible to change one's base element, but with enough determination I think someone could change it. And even then, most people don't really pay attention to their own element and simply cast the spells that they wish to."

Casey paused and laughed to herself, "I guess the point I'm trying to make is, don't get bogged down thinking that you have to fight or live based solely on your starting magic level and element. There are always ways around it and with enough work, you'll be able to wield the powers you want in the style you dreamed of."

"Right, let's get down to business. This is a simple spell to see what your magic level is as well as what you're base element might be. I say 'might' as there are cases where your element doesn't show up this way or potentially hasn't developed yet. The whole thing is quite confusing, I must admit, as pretty much anything's still possible."  

Casey paused for a moment, giving us time for all the info to sink in. Glancing around the room, though, maybe Casey could have done a better job of explaining things as it seemed that not everyone quite understood. Regardless, she simply continued her class. Putting her hands about half a foot apart, her fingers curved slightly as if she were holding a ball, "This is a basic way to test your magic capability. As all of you have come into contact with strong magic, it should have already unlocked. You simply will magic to flow through your fingers. Try not to over think things. For you guys, you should be able to just feel it quickly." When she finished, a glow began to build between her hands as a dark, glowing orb flowed in between them. It pulsed and grew larger before shrinking down to a small sphere, and then growing back once more.

"As you can see, this is my power, and as you can see, my 'magic capacity' is one which actually fluctuates. I specialize in absorbing the magic which is within the area. The more magic that's in the area, the stronger I can become. Given the right circumstances, I could go 'toe to toe' with Cassandra or Heather and actually stand a chance. The downside, though, is my magic could get quite weakened if I'm in an area with little magic around, such as some towns or villages. Cities aren't normally a problem with so many people around. The tiny amount of magic they release into the air builds up a lot. Now, enough about me. Try this out now. If any of you have any problems, I'll come by and help you out."

There was an odd awkwardness within the class for a few seconds, no one wanting to try it out right away. That is, until someone in the corner seat gave it a shot, which caused a few others to try as well. It was soon clear that a few others succeeded, balls of light of different colours and different sizes forming between their hands, before everyone was doing it, including myself.

After trying for a few minutes, I was surprised to see a small orb, almost bluish in colour, started to form between my hands. It was small, though. The light pretty much completely died out around the size of a marble. Every so often, what seemed like a spark would travel outward from the orb or orbit around it.

No matter how impressed I was at the magic I was displaying, everyone in the room was overshadowed by Alexia's show. Her 'orb' was big, larger than a tennis ball, with an odd, greenish colour to it as well. The odd thing, though, was a second 'orb,' a bit smaller than a golf ball, orbited around the first, a fiery red colour.

Casey was working her way around all of us, talking with us and explaining what the orbs meant. Soon, it was my turn. "Ah, Mr. Fox" she exclaimed happily. "How're you finding all of this?" Her voice was very soothing.

"It's all still a lot to take in..." I said truthfully, pausing for a few moments before adding, "And you can just call me Eliot."

Casey smiled at the comment and nodded, "Okay Eliot, show me what you can do." Once again I repeated the stages to show my 'orb.' It glowed and hovered just like before as Casey watched it, "Okay, so you don't have the greatest magical level to start with. The colour and the pulsing of the orb itself indicates strong ties with the 'lighting' or 'electrical' element. However based on the glow, you lean towards more of the creation of it over manipulation."

With that, there was very little left with the lesson. Casey had talked to us all individually, then had told us all that tomorrow, she would go over some more basic spells with us as well as trying to sort out those who would prefer to use Magic more over technology or other methods. Then she let us to go.

"Hey Foxy, wait up!" Phil shouted as I attempted to leave the room, "I just talked to Xia and Alice and we're going to have a look around the place. Wanna come?" he continued as he met me by the door, accompanied by Xia and Alice. With a simple nod I was about to reply, stepping out of the room, before almost bumping into Heather. She was just standing there, as if waiting for someone to bump into her.

"Foxy, huh?" she asked, looking at me.

I did my best not to gulp, her warning from last time still ringing in my ears, "Oh, it's just a stupid nickname that Phil keeps calling me."

"I see." Heather stared me for a few seconds, Phil and the others coming out into the hallway behind me, Heather glancing at them as well before suddenly speaking up again. "I still can't place my finger on why you're here 'Foxy'. The rest, their reasons where pretty easy to figure out," she said with a quick glance at Phil, Alice and Alexia, then at the others who were passing by as they leave the room. "Yet you..." Our eyes locked in gaze momentarily, her blood red eyes looking deeply into mine, as if staring deep into me as she searched for her answer, before a smile crept over her lips. "You're afraid..." her voice dripping with confidence and smugness now that she had her answer.

"You saw something before we took you, something the others didn't see, something you wished you hadn't seen. It's been eating you from the inside, seeing their insides being eaten," she spoke softly before smirking. Once again, the fear I felt from before had its hold on my body. "Well, don't worry Foxy. Stay on my good side and I'm sure you'll be fine here," she said with a giggle as she simply walked past us and into the room with Casey still inside, the door closing behind her.

Still flustered, I stood there. Philip and the others looked at me.

"Hey, you okay?" Alexia asked, putting her hand on my shoulder and snapping me back to reality.

I gave her a nod as Phil asked, "What'd she mean by 'seeing their insides being eaten?'"

I cringed at the question and simply shook my head, "Just forget about it...we still going to look around?"

"So, they are an interesting group, Ip's now," Casey said to Heather, sitting by her desk and looking up at the younger looking teacher.

Heather casually sits on the desk, "Yep, they might actually be a good group if they replaced one or two of them. How'd they do magic wise?"

"Well, as we suspected, Alexia's magic capacity is high with two basic elements. It'll be interesting to see what she does with them."

"But she's from that family, so it's not surprising really. What about the other three?" Heather inquired. Her gaze left Casey now, having gotten the information on the only one she cared about.

"Well, one of them had surprisingly strong magical potential. With enough training, they'll be a great asset to any team. As for the other two however: one of them is somewhat normal, if not below average in terms of level, and the last has almost none. Yet, saying that, I wouldn't rule them out just yet. I see faint bonds between the four of them which might prove more useful for all of them than a simple high amount of magic might."

Heather let out a laugh, clearly not agreeing with Casey's view on that as she turned to look at her, "One thing I should let you in on; that Fox guy, keep an eye on him. He seems to have an very interesting ability..."
Here's the next chapter :D
The group are slowly unlocking/showing there magic potential :D

Enjoy ^^
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